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Vātūlanātha Sūtras

The 13 Vātūlanātha Sūtras are a little-known text of the Tantrik tradition. It is over 1000 years old and was first published only 100 years ago.

In it, a mysterious Tantrik master, ‘Someone’ (Anantaśakti), compiled some 13 sūtras that were revealed to Lord Vātūla - The Intoxicated Lord - through the Yoginīs of Uḍḍiyāna.

It is a highly evocative text that covers and goes beyond the Krama teachings usually associated with said yoginīs. Similarly to the Kaula Sūtras, the Vātūlanātha Sūtras describe a complete path to awakening. Of course, they aren't easily comprehensible without detailed explanations by a teacher.

In this collection I have created visual imagery that evokes and supports the teachings given in the Vātūlanātha Sūtras (based on translations by Christopher Hareesh Wallis), relying on your intuitive understanding to grasp their essence. 

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