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The Kaula-Sūtras

~ compiled by Śitikaṇṭha, approx 1100AD (transl.: Christopher Hareesh Wallis)

This concise text summarises the main teachings of the Krama lineage. Some of the verses are quite mysterious and require further explanation and contemplation to fully understand. There is a strong energy to it that goes beyond words and makes it so special to read...

Meditator in a rainbow circle

avicchinam ovalli-kramāyāta-marīci-saṅkramaṇam evaiko guruḥ || 1 || There is but one Guru, the unbroken transmission of the rays of awakened awareness that are received through the succession of lineage.

tad-upalabdham eva tattvam eko devaḥ || 2 || There is but one deity, the Reality perceived by virtue of that [transmission].

tasyaikā sahajāhambhāva-bhūmiś cicchaktiḥ || 3 || It has only one Power of Awareness: the ‘ground’ that is the innate & natural I-sense (ahambhāva).

citaḥ prathamaṃ prāṇe pariṇāmāt prāṇaḥ kuleśvaraḥ || 4 || As a result of the transformation of Consciousness into Prāṇa as its first evolute, [we can say that] Prāṇa is the Lord of the Kula (Body).

tat-prapañco viśvam || 5 || Its expansion is everything [in the living world].

bhāva-svabhāvavat svataḥ svātantryaṃ kuleśituḥ || 6 || The autonomy of the Lord of the Body is innate just like the essential nature of all being(s).

samādhānād vyuthānavat tu śivād viśvodayaḥ || 7 || The world arises from Śiva as if coming out of deep meditative absorption.

vaṭa-dhānāvidhāraṇena viśva-vyavahāra-satattvānumānam || 8 || By breaking open the seed of the banyan tree, we can infer the essential reality of the everyday affairs of the world.

paṭṭakodghāṭaṇaṃ pustakopadeśaḥ || 9 || The teaching on the Manuscript concerns the opening of the boards. tatra ṣaḍdhāturasapānamattāntaś cakreśvarī vijṛmbhate || 10 || The Goddess of the wheel(s) of powers, intoxicated by drinking/savouring the essence of the six elements [of the body], unfolds internally in that [context].

drāvakākārānukāraṃ kulam || 11 || The body is represented by the letter A, the [underlying] flux/flow.

pūrṇakṛśāmadhyago bhairavaḥ || 12 || Bhairava is present in the center of the Voluptuous [/all-embracing fullness] and Emaciated [/all-devouring emptiness] [Goddesses].

kandabindusaṃghaṭṭān madhye sauradhāmodayaḥ || 13 || The arising of the luminosity of the solar in the center is due to the friction of the Bulb and the Bindu.

raśmikulodayo bhavodbhavo dinam apavargo raśmiviśrāmo niśā || 14 || The arising of the totality of the rays, the genesis of worldly experience, is ‘day’. Liberation, which is the reposing in the rays, is ‘night’.

~ Śitikaṇṭha, approx 1100AD (transl.: Christopher Hareesh Wallis)

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