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My name is Florentine.


Here, I explore ways of making teachings and poetry of Classical Tantra come to life. I transform ancient verses into modern digital art and offer them to you as high-quality fine art and canvas prints so they may infuse your home, practice space or yoga studio with beauty and inspiration. In my blog, I share some of the source texts and my musings on various aspects of spiritual life. I'd be honored to have you join me!

Waking up to my true nature is what inspires me most in life.

I meditate, contemplate and infuse my daily life with the teachings of Classical Non-dual Shaiva Tantra. This Indian tradition with age-old lineages of transmission has provided guidance to many on their path of awakening. It is rich in classical Sanskrit texts that describe the awakening process and show practitioners a path so they may experience it for themselves.

These texts are the basis for the artwork presented here. 

I explore them in contemplation and practice, then read them to AI image generators and play with them until the result feels right: until the feeling I get from looking at the image is like the feeling I get when reading the text. I strive to bring to life texts that inspire me, to create images that transport the many layers of meanings that are present in the original Sanskrit, to create beauty.

I offer you these images out of love and the wish to share the joy and inspiration they bring.

May they bring beauty to your life and inspire you on your path.

May you be blessed, and may we all be free!

Your place to buy beautiful digital art, high-quality fine art prints and mounted canvas prints of artwork based on Classical Tantra, created using AI. An image of the Energy of Goddess Para
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