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Light Of Awareness

The single Sanskrit word “prakāśa” is the inspiration for this rich collection.


The Light Of Awareness, The Light of Consciousness, The Light of Creation – these are some of the meanings of “prakāśa”.


The Light of Awareness refers to the potentiality that is held in the void that is beyond all things. The subtle pulsating, vibrating field of energy out of which all arises. Everything is manifested out of this void and it can only do so because it is inherently already there. The Light of Creation brings into the world all the entities and objects and sense-impressions that make up the universe and all that is within it.


Sooner or later, however, all these manifestations come to an end, dissolve, vanish. What remains are impressions, and even these recede back into potentialities in the void that was the source of their existence. Like a drop of water falling back into the ocean that becomes the ocean, and yet, within the ocean, the drop is always already there.


This series speaks of this whole process - the manifesting, sustaining, dissolving, revealing or concealing of all that is. It speaks of the Light of Creation, of the vibrating energy field that at some point becomes everything we are, see, do.

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