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The Vātūlanātha-Sūtras

~ compiled by Anantaśakti (transl.: Christopher Hareesh Wallis)

The 13 Vātūlanātha Sūtras are a little-known text of the Tantrik tradition. It is over 1000 years old and was first published only 100 years ago. In it, the mysterious Tantrik master Anantaśakti ("Someone"), compiled some 13 sūtras that were revealed to Lord Vātūla ("The Intoxicated Lord") through the Yoginīs of Uḍḍiyāna, along with a detailed commentary.

It is a highly evocative text that covers and goes beyond the Krama teachings usually associated with said yoginīs. Similarly to the Kaula Sūtras, the Vātūlanātha Sūtras describe a complete path to awakening. Transmitted in beautifully evocative, though often mysterious, language, they benefit greatly from explanations by a teacher. I'm sharing them here for easy reference.

Meditator in a rainbow circle

mahā-sāhasa-vṛttyā svarūpa-lābhaḥ ||1||

Through the activity of the Great Spontaneous Immediacy, one stabilizes in one’s true nature.

tallābhācchuritā yugapa vṛtti-pravṛttiḥ ||2||

The flow of the activities [of consciousness] becomes all of a sudden saturated with the attainment of That.

ubhaya-paṭṭoghaṭṭanān mahā-śūnyatā-praveśaḥ ||3||

Through breaking open the two casings, [there is] entry into the Great Emptiness.

yugma-grāsān niravakāśa-saṃvin-niṣṭhā ||4||

Through devouring the pair, [there is] abiding in continuous and occasionless consciousness.

siddha-yoginī-saṃghaṭṭān mahāmelāpodayaḥ ||5||

Through the lovemaking of the siddhas and yoginīs, the great celebratory unification arises.

tri-kañcuka-parityāgān nirākhya-padāvasthitiḥ ||6||

Through completely letting go of the three veils, one is established in the Nameless state.

vāk-catuṣṭayodaya-virāma-prathāsu svaraḥ prathate ||7||

The Resonance exists in [all] instances of the arising and subsiding of the four aspects of the Word.

rasa-tritayāsvādanenānicchocchalitaṃ vigata-bandhaṃ paraṃ brahma ||8||

By savouring the three nectars, [the experience of] the Supreme Absolute, utterly free, surges up spontaneously.

devī-catuṣṭayollāsena sadaiva sva-viśrāntyavasthitiḥ ||9||

By the shining forth of the four goddesses, one is permanently established in [the state of] repose within oneself.

dvādaśa-vāhodayena mahā-maricī-vikāsaḥ ||10||

Through the Rise of the twelve currents, the Great Rays expand.

caryā-pañcakodaye nistaraṅga-samāveśaḥ ||11||

When the five observances arise, [there is] immersion into the Waveless.

mahābodha-samāveśāt puṇya-pāpāsaṃbandhaḥ ||12||

Through immersion into awakened awareness, [there is] no more relationship with virtue and sin.

akathana-kathā-balena mahā-vismaya-mudrā-prāptyā kha-svaratā ||13||

Through the power of the inexpressible oral teaching, [there is] the attainment of the Sign of Great Wonder; through that, the Resonance of the Void.

~ Anantaśakti (transl.: Christopher Hareesh Wallis)

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