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The images in these collections are all based on quotes of one kind or another - either original quotes from sutras, or quotes by some of my kula friends and teachers.


Some are based on quotes from original sutras and Tantrik source texts. These were amongst the first things I explored when I discovered the world of AI. The rich descriptive language in many Sanskrit verses is ideally suited to working with AI and results in beautiful, evocative images!

Another big source of inspiration are my teachers and friends, who often utter beautiful and sometimes deeply meaningful sentences in conversations or satsangs. Translating such hidden gems into stunning images is great fun!

All these collections are characterised by a wide range of styles and would make great wall art for your home or studio or as gifts.

All images are giclée-printed and come in multiple sizes. Choose from gloss coated art paper postcards, high-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper or custom stretched mounted canvas. Select images are also available as digital download in a medium resolution.

Collections are updated regularly, so do check back from time to time!

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