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Deities and AI

In the classical Tantrik tradition, deities are vibrations of consciousness, energy patterns of a certain flavor and with very distinct qualities. As such, there are clear guidelines as to how these images are represented - both visually (as yantras or pictures) and sonically (mantras).

The nature of the collaborative process with AI bots means that I have cannot control every single detail of the image generated by AI. To me, this is part of what makes the whole process interesting and fun.

Shiva in the center of the cosmos

However, it also means that deities are more often than not represented in a way that is not aligned with traditional guidelines. This is most apparent in faces and, importantly, eyes and hands.

In traditional deity depictions, eyes are one of the most important elements as they give life to the image and transport so much of its svabhāva. Deitiy images with faulty or entirely missing eyes, if placed on your altar, could invite spirit-entities into your practice space that are simply masquerading as the deity the image approximates.

Therefore, I do not recommend you use any of these images as altar images!

On the other hand, I find that it is precisely the lack of face that appeals to me in so many of these images. In classical nondual tantra, the practitioner is always invited to see themselves as the deity they are contemplating. I find this is easier to do if that image has just a very vague facial expression.

I leave it up to you to decide!

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