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"Goddess Kālī Swallowing Rage"

Yes, She'll do that for you!

She yearns for all you can offer Her.

Kali Swallowing Rage

Offer Her your fear. She'll taste it, indulge in it, and lift it off your heart-mind, leaving your freer than you ever were before.

Offer Her your guilt. She'll bathe in it, breathing in its deepest, hidden parts, so that you might begin to breathe deeply again.

Offer Her your shame. She'll lick it up and caress you with Her tongue until it vanishes and leaves you behind feeling the glow of your true nature.

Offer Her your rage. She'll swallow it whole, taking it all in, leaving you full of energy and peace.

Offer Her your love. She'll savour it with pleasure, rewarding you with the strength and will to love your life, unconditionally.

Her unsatiable hunger is neverending and yet She offers you rich rewards for the tiniest morsel you give Her.

Yes, She is fierce, all-consuming, powerful. She's scary. She'll chop off your limbs, filet your skin and eat you alive if you let Her.

And you should.

For She does this so you may be free. Free of all you cling to. Free of ideas, thoughts, worries, stories, shoulds, coulds, wants. Free to be fully present. Free to be fully alive. Free to be what you always truly are.

You. Fully.

Jai Kālī Mā!

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