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"The Goddess of the wheel(s) of powers, intoxicated by drinking/savouring the essence of the six elements [of the body], unfolds internally in that [context]."

Kaula-Sūtras, verse 10


Another slightly cryptic sūtra whose meaning can be discovered and explored through contemplation of this magnificent illustration.

Goddess Of The Wheels Of Powers 5

PriceFrom €45.00
VAT Included |
  • Fine Art Print

    Printed on 310gsm (9.1oz/yd) Hahnemuehle German Etching. This is a beautiful, heavy-duty velvety paper with a slightly textured finish that perfectly shows off the details of this giclee-printed image.

    Mounted Canvas

    Custom stretched on 400gsm (11.8oz/yd) canvas and hand-mounted on a 38mm pine canvas frame, the 12-color giclee print impresses with brilliant depth of color that makes for a stunning display. Edges are finished in black.

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