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On Love

What is the love we celebrate on Valentine's day?

Or on every other day? Isn't it true that what we really want is love every day? Is love different today and tomorrow?

Each of us, deep within, seeks love. All the time. And because of all the seeking we do, it's easy to overlook that it's actually right there. All the time.

So how to find it?

Well, just stop seeking and start being.

Stop worrying about this or that, let the stories be stories but don't buy into them. Don't believe everything your mind is trying to tell you is real.

Instead, simply rest back, drop back into your deepest self, and breathe. Feel whatever you feel. See whatever you see. Hear whatever you hear. And let it be.

Notice how it expands you, how you expand it. And how all of a sudden, you are much more than "you".

Then you can notice that the "more" isn't just inert nothingness. It's alive and vibrating, bubbling over with desire and bliss. It wants to express.

And it does so by becoming "you". And "me". And "everything".

And then you'll notice that actually, the aliveness is more than simply aliveness or bliss or joy.

It's love.

Love expressing as "you", "me", "everything".

Isn't this all the most magnificent display of love?

So why seek it? Or why celebrate it today and not every day?

Maybe, simply to draw our attention to it, so we start truly looking, and seeing.

Love. Everywhere.

May you recognise this love! May you be blessed!

Images based on the following verse from the Stava-cintāmaṇi by Bhaṭṭa Nārāyaṇa (transl. unknown):

"Then, my soul remaining forever at Your feet, I will be filled with ecstasy, and will dissolve in an ever renewed and eternal enchantment Crazy and overfilled with love, overwhelmed with bliss, Your worshippers spin, vibrating with their entire being because of the ineffable touch of Your Grace Blinded by tears of joy, with their faces blossomed open, uttering incoherent words in the cosmic dance of love The love in the Supreme Divine, The love in You, O Shambhu!"

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