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What are your dreams made of?

And what is the difference between your dreams and reality?

Is there a difference?

How are dreams born?

What makes reality real?

Why does reality seem more real than a dream?

Does it?

Or maybe not?

What actually are dreams?

What actually is real?

And what role does the mind play in all this?

Could we have dreams without the mind?

Or the mind without dreams?

Or the mind without reality?

Or reality without the mind?

What is a dream?

Who is the dreamer?

What is the dreaming?

What is a mind?

Who is the mind-er?

What is the mind-ing?

What is real?


A series that invites you to contemplate and explore reality, dreams and all that lies beyond.

The Mind Of The Dreamer Weaves The Dream 10

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    When using it online (for blogs, websites etc), please give credit to Florentine Faltin -

    Please contact me for commercial use. 

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