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One of my all-time favourite verses is the following one from the Mālinīślokavārttika ("Versified Commentary on the Mālinītantra"):


"Possessing the central Power, replete with the flood of all the feeling-states existing within; Beautiful with the universal joy arising from essence-nature stimulated by innate desire; Beautiful with the nectar of complete creative emission; vibrating eternally -- *that* is the union of Shiva and Shakti. It's called Love." || 1.894-5

~ Mālinīślokavārttika by Abhinavagupta


Basically, this sums up what one can experience directly in meditation too: the universe is, and is made of, love.


Pure love, expressed in thousands of ways.


So for all the complicated life questions we ask ourselves (or not), the answer is really quite simple: Love.

It's Called Love 1

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