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An exploration of Essence Nature…


Essence Nature, is seen by Classical Tantra to be the ground of being from which, through which and as which everything arises and subsides. It is our true nature, that which we, fundamentally, all are. And, importantly, it isn’t something passive that just watches the world “happen”. It actively becomes that which is present in the world: energy, matter, emotion.


This collection explores visualisations of “Essence Nature”. No textual starting point, but a deep-dive exploration of the unfolding, becoming and hiding of our true nature.



Essence Nature 16

VAT Included
  • You will recieve a link to download a 1024x1024px size image file which you may freely use in any way you like for your personal use only.

    When using it online (for blogs, websites etc), please give credit to Florentine Faltin -

    Please contact me for commercial use. 

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